Eternal Visions is set in the world of Anea with the majority of the game play happening on the continent of Etouria. It is a world at war right now, for the Elder Gods are long gone and the Clerics are spreading the word of the New Gods, the Young Ones. There are those who seek to rebel against the New Gods, and others who do not believe they have truly arrived, while still others who merely wish to continue as they have been for hundreds of years.

Whether you want to play a Wood Elf, Drow, Human, or a greasy stinky Orc, there's a role for you in the world of Anea. So very much is happening in the story right now that you'll find it's very easy to find a spot and get your character settled and developing nicely. The Immortal staff is very friendly (if I do say so myself) and each and every one of us loves helping new people.

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